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Limited Release Spirits


As true small batch craft distillers, we are uniquely positioned to create special limited release bottlings. Some of these spirits have grown from a collaboration with another producer, while others have emerged as the result of an experiment or a twist on one of our main range products.
While their origins may vary, these spirits all share two key traits: they are made by hand with our hallmark clean cuts and attention to detail, and they are generally available only in our tasting room. As limited releases these spirits will not always be in stock, so please contact us to confirm availability.
The Maple Cask Conundrum
Apple brandy that has been aged in maple-soaked bourbon barrels. Terrific brandy character with a touch of sweetness. Made in collaboration with our friends at Critz Farms!
80 proof / 40% abv
Brothers' Cut Barrel Proof Bourbon Whiskey
Our celebrated Brothers' Cut (distilled from corn, barley and rye) bottled at cask strength with no dilution and minimal filtration. 
121.6 proof / 60.8% abv
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