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Clear, Unaged Spirits


Naked as they day they were born, featuring bright flavor and smooth drinkability, our unaged spirits are testament to our distillers' dedication and attention to detail. With no flavors or sweeteners added post-distillation, these aromatic beauties are perfect for craft cocktails or for sipping on ice.
Fun fact: ALL distilled spirits come off the still completely clear and any evident color is the result of either added ingredients or barrel age!
Corn Whiskey


100 proof / 50% abv


100% legal, 100% corn


A refined moonshine-style whiskey without all the added sugar. Handmade in small batches from New York corn in Old Home's copper stills.


Double-distilled and never chill-filtered, this 100-proof "white dog" spirit is slightly sweet and very smooth. It is best served neat, on the rocks, or in an "Old Home Old-Fashioned."


Available in 750ml and 375ml bottles at our tasting room, our farmers markets and in select CNY liquor stores, taverns, and restaurants.



O.H.D. Gin
90 proof / 45% abv
Bold, yet well-mannered.

A modern distilled gin with surprising depth of botanical flavor. Triple-distilled directly through eight botanicals to infuse the spirit with natural essential oils.


Strong juniper notes are elevated by more spice and citrus than a typical dry gin. O.H.D. Gin is crisp and balanced in classic gin cocktails but bold enough for sipping neat.


Available in 750ml and 375ml bottles at our tasting room, our farmers markets and in select CNY liquor stores, taverns and restaurants.


80 proof / 40% abv
Clear apple character!

Unaged apple brandy made in the style of a clear eau-de-vie spirit.  Select local dessert apples are picked, pressed and fermented using traditional techniques before being double-distilled.


With a slightly rounded mouthfeel and distinct apple aroma, O.H.D. Applejack is perfect in a hot toddy or as a drop-shot in a glass of hard cider.


Available in 375ml bottles only at our tasting room, our farmers markets, select stores and at the tasting room of friends at Critz Farms in Cazenovia!

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