Our Barrel-Aged Spirits

For many whiskey-lovers, THIS is where the action is - and can you really blame them? Tempered and toned by time in charred American white oak cooperage, these brown spirits deliver lovely, well-integrated flavor with the clean finish and smooth drinkability that Old Home products are known for.
Fact: by law all bourbon and malt whiskey produced in the US must be aged in NEW charred white oak containers. Corn whiskey is the only style of American whiskey that is permitted to be released as a "grain-designated" clear whiskey.
New York
Single Malt Whiskey
86 proof / 43% abv
100% New York State-grown malted barley
Available in 750ml and 375ml bottles.


Brothers' Cut Bourbon Whiskey
92 proof / 46% abv
Corn, malted barley and malted rye.
Available in 750ml and 375ml bottles.




Field Days Bourbon Whiskey
86 proof / 43% abv
Our classic corn whiskey given the barrel treatment.
Available in 750ml and 375ml bottles.
Electric Mayhem
Rye Whiskey
Smoky, spicy, and delicious!
88 proof / 44% abv

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