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New Release Whiskeys!

If you haven't been following our social media feeds then you might not be aware of a couple of exciting product updates. Here's the latest:

Electric Mayhem Rye Whiskey!

Limited Release: Electric Mayhem Rye Whiskey

Rye fans are in luck this month as we've just opened, blended and bottled a couple experimental barrels that turned out to be very nice indeed! Electric Mayhem Rye Whiskey is the tasty result of our efforts to produce a rye whiskey on our direct-electric distilling system - not a task for sane distillers due to the sticky, burnable nature of rye grain. But we're stubborn and did it anyway.

Bottled at 88 proof, Electric Mayhem Rye Whiskey offers characteristic rye spice with a nose of menthol and brown sugar, caraway and caramel on the palate, and a smooth, lingering finish of green peppercorn and orange zest. As a limited release of just 337 half-bottles, this product is only available in our tasting room and at select farmers markets and special events.

Old Home Distillers New York Single Malt

Returning to Market: New York Single Malt Whiskey

After a year of extreme scarcity, we're very pleased to bring our New York Single Malt Whiskey back into the marketplace. Fans of American malt will enjoy the unctuous nose of leather and marshmallows, with creamy butterscotch, cacao nibs and toffee on the palate and a lingering spice finish.

Bottled at 86 proof, our New York Single Malt Whiskey is available in select liquor stores, fine local restaurants (try it in a Sugar Shack cocktail at Motus in Utica), in our tasting room and at select farmers markets and special events.

Thanks and Happy Valentine's Day!

We're keeping it short and sweet this time, so don't hesitate to click over to our retailer listings and events calendar for more updates. Thanks to everyone who made it to our two-year anniversary party, to everyone who stopped in and saw us over the holidays and to all the lovebirds who enjoyed a glass of Old Home over dinner last night. As always, we really appreciate your support and your enthusiasm for our spirits!

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